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Apollonion Private Hospital is the first private hospital in Cyprus, founded in 1991. It is an ultra-modern facility whose main purpose is the provision of the best possible and most complete medical care a patient can benefit from.

What makes us stand out

Apollonion Hospital is the only hospital in Cyprus with over 120 physicians of all specialties with a high level of scientific competence. In addition, the excellent nursing care, our trained staff, and the state-of-the-art technological and modern equipment make us a pioneer in the field of Health.
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State of the art medical devices

Meet our doctors and staff

At Apollonion Hospital we believe in human value. The people working for us are the driving force, those who are always close to the patient's needs and contribute to their well-being and the promotion of their health. Emphasis is placed on high scientific level, professional experience, sense of responsibility, team spirit, as well as on personal ethos and vision.
All of our doctors, apart from their excellent scientific training and professional competence, are also characterized by their undivided interest in the patient.
Our country is a permanent tourist attraction, twelve months a year. Great emphasis has been given on the recruitment of multilingual staff so that communication is rendered problem-free for both visitors and patients.
We provide top-level health services in the field of diagnosis and treatment
At Apollonion Hospital we take advantage of our know-how and the long-standing scientific experience of our members as well as our modern medical equipment. Hospital clinics, departments, and laboratories provide specialized services and serve as reference centers for various diseases. The easy access of citizens and the immediate, optimal service of their health problems in our comfortable and modern facilities and structures have made the Apollonion Hospital a basic pillar of health services and care in Cyprus.

Patient Information

At the entrance of the Main Building there is a reception desk that provides useful information to the visitors as to where patients are hospitalized, the various departments and the doctors of the Hospital, the administrative services, and appropriately directs whoever needs assistance.

Visitor Program

Nursing Floor
Daily from 9:00-12:00 & 16:00-21:00
Intensive Care Unit
Daily from 11:00-12:00 & 16:30-17:30
High Dependency Unit
Daily from 10:00-12:00 & 16:30-18:30
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Daily from 10:00-12:00 & 16:00-19:00
Your Admission
When you arrive at Apollonion Hospital, head to the Reception & Patient Assistance Department...
On the day of surgery you should be present at the hospital for at least one hour in advance or earlier...
Visiting Patients
The loved ones play an important role in the healing process and quick recovery, and that is why we encourage...
Your Discharge Sheet
The day of discharge from Apollonion Hospital is determined by your attending physician, who informs...

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I come to your hospital in order to have an examination?
a. Upon appointment with one of the doctors of our Hospital.
b. Upon medical referral from another doctor
I was examined in the Emergency Room and the doctor granted me a sick leave.
If, during your visit in the ER, your doctor recommended a sick leave, he will have given you the "Sick Leave Recommendation” form, which will explicitly mention the days of leave. With this document you will address your insurance company.
Can I have a copy of my X-ray on CD?
X-rays, as well as CTs and MRIs, can be given on a CD: a. By filing a request to the secretary of the Radiology Department, for those who are day patients.
b. By filing a request to the hospital’s Medical Records Department, for those who have been hospitalized.
Is there FREE Wi-Fi in your hospital?
Yes, with unlimited access.
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Contact Apollonion Hospital

Visit Apollonion Hospital, call us, send us a fax or e-mail, or, alternatively, fill out the following contact form. In any case, we will respond promptly.
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20, Lefkotheou Avenue, 2054 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Instant Help Line 24/7
(+357) 22 46 9000
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