Obstetrics - Gynecology

The Obstetrics / Gynecology Department of Apollonion Private Hospital provides services for the prevention, diagnosis and successful treatment of any gynecological health problem.

It has both the appropriate building and medical equipment as well as the appropriate human resources, so that it can respond immediately and efficiently to any need.

Experienced and specialized obstetrician-gynecologists, childbirth assistants – midwives – and nursing staff take care of the mother and the newborn from the very first moment.

Γυναικολογικό - Μαιευτικό


  • 14 beds
  • 2 fully equipped delivery rooms
  • 10 cribs
  • 2 fully equipped incubators.

The friendly and well-trained staff of the Department is always ready to provide the best psychosomatic support for pregnant women and patients with gynecological health problems in general throughout their stay.

At Apollonion Private Hospital every woman has at her disposal every scientific achievement and service that will allow her to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy child as well as to deal with any gynecological health problem.