Health & Safety Policy

The basic principle, commitment and philosophy of Apollonion Private Hospital is to provide patients with quality services, which satisfy the requirements of the Organization, the needs and expectations of patients and interested parties as well as compliance with the relevant legal requirements for the achievement of the objectives set for Safety & Health and Quality.

To achieve the above, the Hospital Management has adopted an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Health & Safety Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Quality Management System International Standards, which apply to the Hospital and all its activities in relation to the following scope: "Medical and Nursing Services".

Πολιτική Υγείας & Ασφάλειας

Apollonion Private Hospital is committed to continuously improving the management system by satisfying the following:

  • The review and continuous improvement of the services and the efficiency of its processes, and, by extension, of the entire Management System
  • Setting measurable objectives for Safety & Health and Quality, at corporate and operational level, in all departments and processes of the Hospital. The evaluation of these objectives in terms of their degree of achievement in the context of the Review of the Management System by the Organization's Senior Management
  • The determination of the external and internal parameters that determine the Organization's Operating Framework, which is updated and revised with the aim of dealing with operational risks and taking advantage of opportunities, taking appropriate measures when deemed necessary
  • The allocation of resources to ensure the appropriate infrastructure and the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of each department of the Hospital
  • The reduction, and if possible, elimination of quality complaints from patients/visitors
  • Ensuring the Safety and Health of employees, patients/visitors, and other affected parties by implementing proven risk prevention measures based on risk assessment, and regular safety inspections
  • The provision of safe and healthy working conditions to eliminate hazards and prevent occupational accidents and ill health.
  • The encouragement of the regular consultation and participation of employees and their representatives
  • Staff training and information to achieve Quality and Safety awareness regarding all activities of the Organization
  • The establishment, implementation, and maintenance of the required procedures for internal and external communication related to the Organization's Management System
  • The establishment, implementation, and maintenance of all procedures required to prepare for and respond to potential Health and Safety emergencies
  • The comprehensive statutory review and compliance audit to ensure the Agency complies with all applicable regulations and other requirements.