The General Healthcare System (GeSY) is a modern, human-centered healthcare system whose main goal is to provide quality healthcare services to the beneficiaries.

Apollonion Private Hospital is a member the GeSY since 2020. It serves a significant number of patients every day who trust the hospital for the excellent hospital care it provides while maintaining a high level of health services.

The goal of the Hospital has constantly been to not affect the level of services provided to patients, despite the increase in its work volume.



At Apollonion Private Hospital, medical specialist healthcare services are provided to outpatients by providers contracted with the

Health Insurance Agency.

For the diagnosis and/or treatment of a case, the medical specialist may refer beneficiaries to the following health care service providers also provided within the Hospital:

  • To the treatment ward for the provision of inpatient health care
  • To a laboratory
  • To a team of specialist doctors to carry out diagnostic tests.

Also, the beneficiary can have access to Apollonion Private Hospital for inpatient health care services, if referred by another health care service provider:

  • Personal physician
  • Medical specialist
  • Another GeSY hospital

Upon discharge, the necessary referrals for a visit to a specialist doctor, laboratory, and diagnostic tests as well as prescriptions for medicines are issued.