Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit of Apollonion Private Hospital was created to treat seriously patients who need intensive monitoring and treatment by specialized medical and nursing staff.

Apollonion Private Hospital has:

  • 6 intensive care beds
  • 5 enhanced care beds
  • 6 cardiac intensive care beds
  • 1 isolation bed
  • 12 telemetry beds
Intensive Care Unit

The 24-hour follow-up of patients is carried out with continuous bedside monitoring as well as monitoring at a central station recording their vital functions.

The specialized doctors and nurses of the ICU in collaboration with the doctors of other specialties provide high-quality medical and nursing care.

The Intensive Care Unit of Apollonion Private Hospital is versatile and has the ability to cover a wide range of patients, including surgical (cardio-vascular-thoracic-neuro-, orthopedic, gynecological/obstetrics, interventional cardiology, general surgery, etc.) and pathological (cardiac, pulmonary, nephrological, etc.) cases.

Post-operative monitoring of patients is carried out both in the ICU (Intensive Treatment Unit) and in the ECU (Enhanced Care Unit) depending on the severity of the case, always on a 24-hour basis, with 24-hour monitoring and 24-hour medical coverage.

The Intensive Care Unit of Apollonion Private Hospital is staffed by doctors specially trained in the treatment of critically ill patients. In the ICU, all the modern international protocols are applied, as they are developed and published in world conferences and in the international literature.

The ICU is equipped with the most modern medical technological equipment such as hemofiltration and plasmapheresis devices, blood gas analyzers, ventilators, intra-aortic pump, pacemakers, defibrillators, telemetry, bronchoscopes, etc.

The Department is supported on a 24-hour basis by the Microbiological, Biochemical and Hematology Laboratory, the Radiology Department and the Magnetic and Axial Tomography Department, the Cardiac Catheterization department, and a number of specialized medical associates.