Medical Tourism

Cyprus has significant advantages for the development and provision of high-quality medical tourism services. In addition to the excellent climatic conditions and the natural beauty, which favor rehabilitation and recovery, it is a country of great tourist interest, it has high quality medical services, it has excellent scientific staff, excellent hotel infrastructure, competitive prices compared to most developed countries in Western Europe and North America, while remaining a safe and friendly country for international patients.

The International Patient Service Department of Apollonion Private Hospital has entered into agreements with large offices abroad that deal exclusively with medical tourism and already provides medical care to international patients, taking care of their comfort and safety during their stay and treatment. Apollonion

Private Hospital also cooperates with the largest foreign private insurance companies. The cooperation concerns the treatment of incidents that require hospitalization and are covered by an individual or group insurance policy as well as the provision of health benefits for external and emergency incidents.

The highly trained medical, nursing, and administrative staff ensure that each patient receives the best personalized medical care and comprehensive information about their hospitalization, treatment, and recovery.

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