Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Apollonion Private Hospital.

How can I come to Apollonion Private Hospital for examinations?

  • By appointment with a doctor of our Hospital;
  • With a medical referral from another doctor;
  • By appointment at the Radiology department;
  • By appointment at the Clinical Laboratory for a Blood Test.

Can I have my medical exams on a cd?

  • for day patients x-rays, CTs and MRIs are always given in cd;
  • for those who have been hospitalized in our hospital, those are given upon request of the patient to the Radiology Department.

Can  have a copy of my medical record?

  • The medical file and the results to the medical examinations are strictly confidential personal data. Our Hospital, respecting the medical confidentiality, may provide a copy of the hospitalization file
    and medical examinations only to the patients themselves or to a person authorized by the patients within their immediate environment (family and friends)
  • The relevant request is submitted to the Personal Data Department in the form of a request.

Is There Free Wi-Fi at the Hospital?

At Apollonion Private Hospital there is unlimited free Wi-Fi access.

Where can I find a wheelchair when I arrive at the Hospital?

Please contact the Information Desk staff, the Hospital Main Entrance staff or the Emergency Department staff at the Hospital entrance.

Can I stay the night at Apollonion Private Hospital as an escort?

Patient escorts are allowed upon special permission from the Administration of our Hospital. Permission is only given in cases where the patient needs the presence of their escort, such as elderly people with dementia, adults or children with special needs, or minors up to 16 years of age.

Is there a way to transfer the patient from the Hospital to home? The patient is unable to walk or use a taxi needing a stretcher.

Yes, through the Ambulance Service owned and provided by Apollonion Private Hospital.

Where can I park during my visit to Apollonion Private Hospital?

The Hospital has several parking spaces in front of the building, which are available free of charge to patients and patient escorts.

In case of difficulty, you can contact the security guard to assist you.

In case I need to be transported to Apollonion Private Hospital, is there an Ambulance Service?

Apollonion Private Hospital has three modern ambulances that are in operation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Where should I file my complaints?

  • To the Customer Service - Complaints Department
  • To the special Questionnaires in the complaints/suggestion boxes, located in central areas of the Hospital
  • On our website

If your request is not satisfied, you can contact the Administrative Support Department

How do I make an appointment with your doctors?

For information and for scheduling an appointment, you can contact your doctor's office directly, Monday to Friday 08:00-13:00 / 16:00-19:00 and Thursday 08:00 - 13:00 or call the Hospital's Call Center at + 357 22 469 000 for assistance.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please contact us in time to cancel, so that another citizen can be served in your place.

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