Nursing Service

At Apollonion Private Hospital, nursing science is a specialized science practiced by highly trained staff. It is a complex and "sensitive" scientific activity, which addresses the person, the family and society as a whole in every issue concerning health in order to prevent, maintain and restore health in the whole spectrum of its normal biopsychosocial functions.

The Nursing Service at Apollonion Private Hospital promotes self-care, independence and respect for the personality, rights of patients and examinees while, at the same time, providing carefully curated scientific care to patients. It seeks both the acquisition of new theoretical knowledge and know-how in order to continuously adapt the nurses of the Hospital to all the newest developments with an orientation to the prevention and treatment of every health-related issue.

Nursing Service


  • Disease management & treatment through personalized nursing care plans;
  • Evaluation and assurance of the effectiveness and quality of nursing care;
  • Dealing with situations that threaten either directly or potentially the health of the individual, taking into account the personality, as well as the special psychological, social, economic and cultural characteristics of each patient;
  • Cooperation with all services of the Hospital for quality provision of health services;
  • Development and evolution of nursing staff with continuing education to improve knowledge and skills and define new goals and practices.


The Nursing Service of Apollonion Hospital includes the following Departments:

  1. Multipurpose Intensive Care Unit;
  2. Cardiology Intensive Care and Clinic;
  3. Pathology department;
  4. Surgery;;
  5. Surgical Clinic;
  6. Orthopedic-Neurosurgery Clinic
  7. Gynecology-Obstetrics Clinic;
  8. Endoscopic Department;
  9. Day Care Unit;
  10. First Aid Department;
  11. Hemodynamic Laboratory.