The Three HealthSpot Diagnostic Centers of HHG Group were inaugurated. The Fourth diagnostic center in Piraeus is in operation.

The three HealthSpots of Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG) were inaugurated, opening their doors in central parts of Attica, in Kifissia, Peristeri and Glyfada, while the operation of the fourth HealthSpot in Piraeus (operating within PPA for travelers only) has begun. HealthSpot's goal is to become the "plus" in health, offering high-standard diagnostic services and personalized treatment always with an emphasis on the value of prevention.

The Three HealthSpot Diagnostic Centers of HHG Group were inaugurated. The Fourth diagnostic center in Piraeus is in operation.

The opening events were held in the presence of representatives of HHG Group, and doctors from the Group's Hospitals. Indeed, during the inauguration at the HealthSpot in Glyfada and in the context of the social responsibility of HHG Group, a financial donation was announced to representatives of ELEPAP, for the needs of the children.

Staffed with specialized and distinguished doctors, experienced nursing and paramedical staff and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, HealthSpots utilize new digital technologies with the aim of immediate and optimal service to the public. Scheduling appointments, receiving test results and many other services are done digitally and ensure speed, efficiency and security.

HealthSpot also utilizes the innovative digital applications of HHG, such as the my-Ygeia Personal Health Record and the Digital clinic. The my-Ygeia Personal Health Record is an application for digital storage and management of medical examinations and data, through which the users have direct and easy access to their medical record from examinations they have carried out in the Group's Hospitals. Digital Clinic is also a digital application that offers remote diagnosis, prescription and test referral, as well as medical appointment scheduling.

Another innovation of HealthSpot is the open communication with the six clinics of HHG Group (Hygeia, Metropolitan Hospital, Mitera, Metropolitan General, Leto and Creta InterClinic). Examinees can contact – in person or digitally – a HHG hospital doctor for a first assessment or a referral for further examinations.

Mr. Andreas Kartapanis, President and CEO of Hygeia Hospital, pointed out that "HealthSpot is by your side and is the investment that the pandemic has made more relevant than ever with diagnostic centers having acquired a special and increased role in the daily lives of all of us , offering high-level diagnostic and medical services with the warmest care for your health and well-being. The integrated

HealthSpot care network due to geographical dispersion serves near the place of residence of the examinees without having to visit one of our clinics. Visit the outpatient polyclinics for a simple checkup or for complex medical examinations. State-of-the-art technology and pioneering medical methods, followed by HHG leading team of scientists, our dedicated nursing and other staff who deal with patients' cases with the greatest empathy and care, is what sets us apart from other diagnostics, always putting people first. HealthSpot is the 'plus' in the health of all of us and is here to help patients and examinees with all their affection, but also their high scientific training."