Your Admission to the Hospital

When you arrive at Apollonion Hospital, head to the Reception & Patient Assistance Department in order to register your personal data and provide information about your insurance coverage, if any.
The Reception & Patient Assistance Department staff will help you complete all the necessary forms, inform you about the process of admission and arranging your insurance coverage, provided you have one, and then you will be taken to your room to settle in.

On admission

Upon your admission, make sure you have your ID or your Health Insurance Card or a document from your Health Care Fund (CYTA, EAC, PEO, SEK) or your doctor’s referral.

Do not forget

Upon admission, make sure you have with you :

your identity card
Health Insurance Card or any other proof of insurance, provided by your Insurance Company
a document of your Health Care Fund, if you are part of one and finally
your doctor’s referral
Pre-operational checkup
In case you are going to have pre-scheduled surgery, your attending physician will inform you as to when you should complete a pre-operative checkup.
You should bring with you or make sure you know all the medication you might be taking, so it could be taken into account for your treatment. They will be returned to you upon your discharge. Also, please inform your doctor about any over-the-counter drugs (general use, homeopathic medication, herbal remedies, etc.) you might have taken during the last three months, whether you are still using them or not.
Medical history
You should have in hand a copy of all medical information regarding your hospitalization, such as X-rays, medical reports and diagnoses, or examination results.
Before your hospitalization with us, we suggest that you have with you:
Articles of personal hygiene
Toothbrush & toothpaste, sponge, comb or hairbrush
Robe and slippers
Nearsighted glasses, contact lenses, acoustic aids, artificial dentures
Be sure to keep them in their protective cases when you are not using them, so they will not get lost or destroyed.

We recommend that you leave any valuables at home. Please do not leave personal items of value in the room during the period of your hospitalization. The Hospital will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings.