Patient Obligations

Patient Obligations
The patient has an obligation to inform the medical and nursing staff about any medication he may be taking before being admitted to the hospital and to cooperate in a sincere manner. He/she should comply with the instructions of the charge nurse and nursing staff. Also, he/she must respect the nursing grounds, the rules regarding ward rounds and consultations, as well as the safety regulations and those applying to the general function of the Hospital.
In case of a complaint, the patient and relatives can contact the charge nurse, as well as the Customer Service Department.
Conditions of stay in the wards
Visits of relatives and friends should be kept short (a few hours at most), not overcrowded (few people at a time), and kids should preferably not be present.
Patient escort guidelines
Escorts who due to a special pass have permission to stay in the rooms should avoid sitting on patients’ beds and should keep the room as orderly as possible.
No noise policy
Patient escorts and visitors should avoid making noise, as patients need calm and quiet.
Protection of personal items
Do not bring valuable items with you, neither large sums of money.
Patient’s Financial Obligation
Every patient may benefit from any service of our Hospital, provided he has previously settled his financial obligations with us. Upon leaving the hospital he must have settled the balance of his account.
Documents & Exams
During your admission, make sure that you have your ID, Health Card or any other proof of insurance provided by your insurance company, a form of your Medical Care Fund, if you are part of one, and last but not least, your doctor’s referral. Always carry with you any results of medical examinations you may have had in the past, as well as any relevant documents (reports, instructions, etc.). Also a copy of any medical information pertinent to your hospitalization, like X-rays, medical reports and diagnoses, test results, etc.
Hospitalization while insured
If you are insured with an insurance company or an insurance fund, you have to present your healthcare card and, depending on the terms and conditions of your contract, we will proceed to the appropriate charge.
Hospitalization while uninsured
If you do not have insurance covering your hospitalization, go to the Hospital’s Reception & Patient Assistance Department before you leave the hospital in order to be charged accordingly and pay for the cost of hospital services during your hospitalization.
Data Collection
When registered in the Reception & Patient Assistance Department, patients should provide true information only. They should complete and sign all required hospital documents upon admission. In cases where the patient's state of health will not allow it, all necessary documents will be signed either by his/her escort or by the person who will assume responsibility for the patient's obligations towards the Hospital. Also, the patient must sign the “Medical Consent Form”, for surgery or other interventions.
No smoking policy
Smoking is strictly forbidden within all Hospital grounds.