Our Vision and Mission

The management and all employees of Apollonion Hospital have a primary aim in maintaining quality and efficient provision of health services so that they are the people’s first choice when it comes to such services.
Over the past few years, Apollonion Hospital has been a leader in the health service field in Cyprus. This is due to the continuous improvement of both facilities and equipment, but also owing to the high specialization of medical, nursing and administrative staff.
Our first and foremost priority and mission is to create and offer high-grade health services, in order to meet the needs and expectations of anyone who might choose to benefit from them.
Our Vision
Our vision is to strive for Apollonion Hospital to be a leader in equitable and immediate access, efficiency, organization, leadership, and quality of health services to best respond to the ever-increasing demands of the public.
Our Operating Axis
The central functional axis of our Hospital is the best possible provision of health services with a sense of responsibility towards patient and man as a human being.