Human Resources


Essential solution for immediate and medium- to long-term needs
The ever-increasing activities of Apollonion Hospital render finding high-quality human resources an imperative need. Our company has long recognized that collaboration with Universities and with the Academic community can be an essential solution for both immediate and medium- to long-term needs.
To this end Apollonion Hospital has long taken through a series of actions and initiatives such as:
Collaboration with educational institutions in Cyprus in order to attract graduates of a high level of training
Participation in University career days
Engaging a large number of students (trainees), who choose Apollonion Hospital for their “practical training”
Student support, providing guidance and research data for their educational endeavors


Career opportunities in collaboration with leaders in the medical field
In case you are interested in working with us, you may send your CV to the company's e-mail address:
By sending the resume, please indicate the period you wish us to keep it in our archives for possible future recruitment, which, however, should not exceed one year. In the event that you do not do so, we inform you that your CV will be deleted one year after the day of receipt.
We also notify you that you may at any time revoke your statement in writing or ask for your resume to be deleted, corrected or modified. Your CV will not be shared with third parties.


We offer a considerable and attractive benefit package
To people who, in our opinion, can effectively contribute to achieving our Hospital goals, we offer a remarkable and attractive benefit package.
This includes:
Competitive wages and financial incentives
Fair and meritocratic evaluation methods and great professional evolution prospects
Safe, clean, and properly arranged workplaces in excellent, modern facilities
Hospital care for employees and special rates for their family members
At the same time, together with the aforementioned benefits, we are constantly investing in the individual improvement and personal evolution of our associates. To this end, high-quality educational programs are being carried out, in collaboration with universities and professional organizations.

In addition, professional recognition, besides the individual skills and efforts of each employee, is ensured through meritocratic evaluation methods and excellent development prospects.

All of the above, as a whole, guarantee high-quality working conditions.